Day 25: Neil deGrasse Tyson about death and immortality

Day 11 of my 35 Day Challenge

If you could live forever, would you?

That’s a question Neil deGrasse Tyson asked in the interview above. He also states, that he wouldn’t. Because in his opinion death is what gives our live focus. That gives us the urgency to live and to do things now. He ends by saying that if you would live forever, why would you even get out of bed in the morning.

If you could live forever, would you?
I thought about that a lot in the past. And considering that i would be the only person living forever, it would be horrible of course, to outlive all your loved ones. But at the same time it would be great. You could learn all the languages in the world, live in every country on this planet, watch history being made all the time, see the human race develop and watch everything until the end of this earth or possible even the journey to new planets. You could work in any job you would like. You wouldn’t have to decide how you want to fill your lifetime, because you would have enough time for anything. You could study anything, become a master in every aspect of life, learn so many things.

He asks why you would even get out of bed. Because you wouldn’t want to miss anything that’s happening around you. You would enjoy every brief moment of love that you are experiencing, cause even if it would last a human lifetime it would be only a wink of an eye in your lifetime.  If i would live forever, i knew there also would be times, that i wouldn’t want to get out of bed. Because i have those moments now as well. There are times, that i just want to stay in bed for days. Times i just want to sleep and have wonderful dreams. And sometimes i feel like i’m already living like i’m immortal. Sometimes i think that i am missing that feeling of urgency he describes, to do things now. Because you always think there is so much time, until it’s gone. Until you’re old and look back on years, where you could have built something, achieved something, but you didn’t. 

If immortality would mean, that you’re also staying healthy, physically and mentally, and that you stop aging, but wouldn’t stop growing mentally, i would want to be immortal. But only if you could kill yourself, when you’ve had enough. Because it would be horrible to float in space alone for eternity in case our planet would disappear. Although it also might be very pretty. And you never know. Maybe there would be other beings fishing you out of space and taking you  with them.

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