Day 17: 38 Questions To Find Your Passion And Purpose

Day 19 of my 35 Day Challenge 

You read it everywhere and everyone is talking about it. Finding your passion. Finding your purpose. All the successful people seem to have found their passion and purpose. So to be successful you need to find it too, don’t you? 

If you haven’t found your passion yet you should start with that, for your passion will lead you straight to your purpose. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, there are two options. 

  1. Search for your passion.
  2. Choose something you want to be good at and develop a passion for it.

If you want to find out what your passion is, there is a 4-Step Plan with several questions to ask yourself, which will help you figure that out. Take a pen and a notepad ( write all your answers down) and ask yourself:

Step 1 : What am i good at ? 

  1. What am i particularly proud of in my life? 
  2. What has been easy for me in the past?
  3. What am i good at?
  4. Who or what gave/gives me energy?
  5. What do i think other people appreciate me for?
  6. Who or what is supporting me? 
  7. What do i get recognition for?

Step 2: What is important to me?

  1. What are my priorities in life? 
  2. What do i complain about and what stresses me?
  3. Which of my values have been ignored?
  4. What should be the guiding principle for my life?
  5. What do i get really excited about?
  6. What does freedom mean to me?
    1. When do i notice freedom in my life?
    2. How much freedom do i have in my life?
    3. Do i know people who have the freedom i want? And what do they do differently? 
    4. What would i have to do, to get more freedom?
  7. What gives my life meaning? 
    1. When do i notice meaning in my life?
    2. How meaningful is my life?
    3. Do i know people who have a meaningful life? And what do they do differently?
    4. What would i have to do, to get more meaning into my life?
  8. What means collegiality to me? 
    1. When do i notice collegiality in my life?
    2. How much collegiality do i have in my life?
    3. Do i know people who have that in their life? And what do they do differently?
    4. What would i have to do, to get more collegiality into my life?

Step 3: Where do i want to go, where do i want to be?

  1. What has always been on my Bucket-List?
  2. What is my biggest dream?
  3. What makes me happy and what should i do more of?
  4. What would i like to accomplish before i die?
  5. What would i like to be able to afford?
  6. Whom do i want to have in my life and whom do i want to surround myself with?
  7. What do i want to look back to, when i’m old?
  8. What is holding me back from doing all those things?

After answering all those questions you should get more clarity about your passion and what has been holding you back so far and what might be a good idea to pursue in the future. 

If you still have no clue what your passion is, because you don’t have any talents or anything you are particularly good at, just choose something you would like to excel in. And then work on it every single day. Practice makes perfect. And you can learn and become great at anything you choose, as long as  you put that effort in. 

Develop a passion for it. Set your mind to it and find 5 reasons for why you are doing it, that keep you motivated. 

But most importantly, DO IT !

I asked myself all those questions above and i didn’t get a result out of it. So i just chose what i wanted to be good at. And now i’m constantly working on myself to become better at it. 

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I hope this post helped you and you enjoyed reading it 🙂 

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Kristina from Darling of Fortune