Something no one tells you about Health

What does it take to be healthy? A healthy plant based diet? A good nights sleep? Daily exercise? Those additional Supplements?

Most people would think, that all it takes to be healthy, is a healthy body. That with a healthy diet, exercise, vitamins, enough sleep and plenty of water you will stay or get healthy again, right ? But what if all that doesn’t help? What if you fight one symptom, but just get a new one instead? What if you can feel something is off, but can’t get a diagnosis from the doctor? Physicians like to think, that the body is the foundation of everything, but what if they had it all wrong? What if the body isn’t actually changing our lives, but our lives changing our body?

Has there ever been a time in your life, when things just weren’t they way they should have been? Maybe you were in the wrong Relationship, in a bad working Environment or felt spiritually disconnected? And what if you’re body was starting to give you little signs, a few physical symptoms? The body was trying to tell you something and you were just ignoring it, because you were doing what you were supposed to be doing. And then suddenly your body just didn’t play along anymore and you got sick.
I remember a time when i was still in school and i got bullied right before my exams. I didn’t feel well and my body started showing symptoms, but it was the time shortly before the exams so i ignored it. But it wasn’t long until i went so sick, that i actually had to leave school for a while to get better.
Our body does that to us. It whispers to us, talks to us and if we keep ignoring it, it starts to yell. Millions of people are ignoring the whispers of their bodies. We are suffering from an Epidemic, that modern Medicine doesn’t know what to do with. People suffering from this epidemic are fatigued, they’re anxious and depressed. They can’t sleep, lose their libido. They suffer from a whole variety of aches and pains. So they go to the doctor, right? Because something is wrong. So the doctor runs a whole lot of tests. And then he might find something and they might get something against it. But they don’t feel any better. Or it helps for a while until they get sick again. Or even worse, he runs tests, and they run back normal. Showing that everything is well. Only that the they aren’t feeling well. So they go to another doctor and do the whole thing again. Because something must be wrong. And something is wrong. It’s just not what they thinks it is.

Lissa Rankin MD, who is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the Women’s Health and Wellness Community, did a research on that topic for over 5 years, after struggling with the broken, patriarchal health care system and being in a bad health state herself. This epiphany launched her on a journey of discovery that led her to become a leader in the field of mind/body medicine, which she blogs about at and is writing about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

They say: When life falls apart , you either grow or you grow a tumor.

When Lissa’s life fell apart, she decided to grow instead. Her inner wise self, her inner guide told her to take masks off. It was time to stop doing what you should, and start doing what you feel. She knew at that point that she had to quit her job, which was a hard decision to make. Considering she had a new born, a husband unable to work and she had to pay a six figure amount to get out of her practice in which she had worked for 12 years and payed for with thousands of dollars. She had to sell her house and liquidate her retirement plan, luckily her husband supported her. They moved to the country and she spent month painting, writing and licking her wounds. It wasn’t until 9 months later, that she realized that you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling . The calling of spiritual medicine, which she had from a very young age. She had become so wounded by the system, that she didn’t even notice it anymore, but after time of healing it came back to her. But she knew she couldn’t go back to her old job. That wasn’t why she went to medical school.

It took her 5 years to rediscover what she loved about medicine . She thought the problem was that everything was too specialized and that no one was trained to look at the whole picture.
So she started working for another practice, which was better, still she saw the one problem. They were treating people, like the problem was outside of them and they just had to give them something to make it better. She looked outside for better healing alternatives. But it would only treat the symptom, not the cause of the problem. And after a while the problem would cause another symptom. So she went on a quest to find out what really makes the body healthy. She started researching further to find something no one had told her in medical school. Of course it matters that you live a healthy life, that you exercise, sleep well and maintain a healthy diet. But no one told her that what really matters are:

  • healthy relationships
  • having a healthy professional life
  • expressing yourself creatively
  • being spiritually connected
  • having a healthy sex life
  • having a healthy financial life
  • linving in a healthy envoirment
  • being in good mental state
  • and of course having a healthy body

A lot of it wasn’t in the medical literature, but in the physiological literature as well. There is plenty of data about that topic, proving that those things are important as well, if not even more.

She had a really healthy patient, who was a raw vegan, took supplements and ran marathons, slept 8 hours a night and did everything a doctor told her to do. But she still had health problems. So she had heard about Lissa’s Philosophy and that she was asking a lot of questions in her patient sheet about their lives. Everything that makes a person whole. So she came in and asked what her diagnosis was, and Lissa said, that she was in an abusive marriage, hated her job, lacks creative expression, is spiritually disconnected and still hasn’t gotten over the resentment towards her father since she was a child. She told her, she won’t get well until she heals that.

So if taking care of the body isn’t the important part, what is? It’s caring for the mind. Caring for the heart. Caring for the soul. Tapping into your inner true self. Who knows best and who you were born and die with. Its that spark, that intuition, your inner biggest fan. That’s the biggest healer you can tap into. Better than medicine or any doctor. So she developed a new wellness treatment, different from the others.
One that sees the whole picture. Like a stone Cairn. You can’t pull one stone out, without the whole structure crumbling. The one on the top symbolizes our body. When anything goes out of balance, the body is the first thing whispering. The foundation stone is your inner voice. The true essence of you.

Based on that, she created her new model. The Whole Health Cairn.
And once you recognize this, you have all the tools to start healing. And all of it is surrounded by what she calls the Healing Bubble. Which consists of Love, Gratitude, Service and Pleasure. And Science proves, that all of these things are good for your health as well. They are the glue to hold everything together.

So if you have any problems, any symptoms ask yourself what’s the real reason why you are sick? What’s out of Balance in your life? What’s the real diagnosis? And what can you do about it? How can you be more honest with yourself?
When we let our true selves be seen, when we let our inner voice radiate, we heal from the inside out. And it’s more powerful than anything medicine can give you from the outside.
So write you’re own Prescription. No doctor can do this for you. They can only give you drugs or surgery. And sometimes you need that and it’s the jumpstart to healing yourself. But to heal the root of it all, to prevent getting new symptoms , you have to heal your mind first.
So what is it that you and your body need to get healthy? What needs to be changed in your life? If you knew, that showing your true self, being who you are can heal you, would you do it ? It just might make your body ripe for miracles .

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