Day 24: This post is supposed to be wonderful, honest and entertaining!

Day 12 of my 35 Day Challenge

Todays post is going to be about weird idea’s, crazy plans and whatever the fuck i want 😀
The last month hasn’t been quite the best month for me. And my world is a little bit upside down right now. But that’s a good thing!
You want to know why?
Because i finally realized my boundaries! I quit my job, because it was making me fucking miserable and a few other things that i want to keep private. But this is me taking my life back! I’ve also realized that this is MY blog! And that i can do WHATEVER i want 😀
I don’t really care anymore what people think. And i guess that’s very liberating 🙂 But lately i’ve met some random strangers that i told about my blog and they’ve asked me, why anyone should read my blog and not someone elses, and the first thing that popped into my head was: Because of my personality!
And that made me realize that i have to pack a lot more of that into my Blog. Because there’s always gonna be people who are loving honesty and personality and there is always gonna be people who hate it.
I think the only thing that can make this blog special, is my personality. Because let’s be honest, you can find wisdom and knowledge on other pages and in books as well. I’m still gonna share some of it, but i’m also gonna bring some more of my weird sparkle into this.
BTW SPARKLE! Lately i’ve had a great idea! Let’s pour some glitter over ugly things in public places! That would make everything prettier, or at least funnier 😀 I think i’m gonna do this over the next couple of day’s and post some pictures of it here and on instagram 😀
I’m also thinking about making more videos! I’ve always wanted to do something like a talkshow, where i interview interesting people and talk about stuff i’m interested in 🙂 And i think my personality will probably shine through more if i make videos. I also love reading stuff out loud, so i might actually do that as well, but we’ll see.
So there is a lot more to come 😀

Stay tuned ! And if you liked reading this and you want to see how all of those ideas turn out, like, comment or share it with your friends 🙂

Thanks for reading!